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About the site

This is the website for ledger, the command-line accounting tool.

Commits to the ledger-website repo are applied immediately to ledger-cli-org (and announced on #ledger). You can get commit access by asking.

The main site is static html pages rendered with pandoc and make. site.tmpl is the pandoc template defining layout for the main site. To preview changes locally before committing, install pandoc, run make, and browse index.html.

Version-specific documentation is pulled from the main ledger repo and has urls like

Site config that's not kept in the repo:

Apache vhost:

<VirtualHost *>
  RewriteEngine on
  RewriteRule ^(.*) /repos/ledger-website$1 [L]

Angel (daemon manager) config:

# listen for github post-receive notifications, pull latest site
directory  /repos/ledger-website
stdout     /repos/ledger-website/github-listener.log
stderr     /repos/ledger-website/github-listener.log
exec 8080 'sudo -u simon git pull && make'
delay      1

Cron rules:

# pull latest ledger docs
*/15 * * * * simon  cd /repos/ledger;         git pull -q && cd doc && make --quiet
*/15 * * * * simon  cd /repos/ledger2.6;      git pull -q && make --quiet
# pull latest site, fallback in case github listener not running
*/15 * * * * simon  cd /repos/ledger-website; git pull -q && make --quiet