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0.9 ??
0.8.2 2012-10-17
* Fix NOTICE and PRIVMSG to add missing colons
0.8.1 2012-03-14
* Fix PART command
* Fix exception logging
0.8 2012-03-07
* Add INVITE command.
* Add CATCHUP command (plugin).
* Fidelity fixes for logging plugin.
* PART and QUIT commands now respect the user-supplied message.
* Add KICK command.
* Server port is now read from config.
* Add swank plugin.
* Add MODE command.
* Channels ending with "-" are marked as private.
* Debug logging through log4j.
0.7 2011-03-13
* End all messages to clients with \r\n.
* Add LUSERS command and send it along with the welcome message.
* Allow server hostname to be set in config.
* Send capabilities (005) message with NETWORK set as part of welcome message.
* Send message 321 as a header for the LIST command.
* Don't allow those not in a room to set its topic.
* Perform no action when a client tries to join a room he's already in.
* Don't allow clients to join a room without a # prefix.
* Switch to custom database backend instead of using clojure.contrib.datalog.
* Every connection now gets its own IO thread, eliminating a possible QUIT race condition.
* Add ISON command.
0.6 2011-01-18
* Serialize all writes to reduce (eliminate?) out-of-order delivery issues.
* Remove possibilty of incorrect dates/times getting logged in logging plugin.
* Fix server name to include "subrosa-" instead of just the version number.
* Fix LIST command to not send back a 322 response for non-extant channels.
* Fix QUIT & PART to correctly delete a channel once the last member leaves.
* Add NOTICE command. Hooray CTCP now works!
* Add PONG command. Hooray?
0.5 2010-12-07
* Initial Release.
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