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This is the source code for my personal website. It uses the Lanyon theme for Poole, which in turn is based on Jekyll, a powerful static-site generator.


You need ruby, jekyll, node, java and the gems in Gemfile, which can be installed with a simple bundle install (requires bundler).

On Ubuntu:

> sudo apt-get install ruby-dev

> sudo apt-get install bundler

> bundle install

> sudo apt-get install nodejs && sudo ln -s /usr/bin/node /usr/bin/nodejs

> sudo apt-get install default-jre default-jdk


To install this website locally, just run:

> git clone

> cd

> bundle install

> bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

Now you've got it up and running at port 4000! Note that you might have to manually rerun jekyll build if you want to make changes to _config.yml.

The way I use git for my version control of my website, alongside GitHub pages, means I do the following:

> git clone

> cd

> git checkout source

> git clone _site

> bundle install

> bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

So that when I want to compile the site and push the compiled _site directory to GitHub pages, I run (in the root of the repo):

> git checkout source

> bundle exec jekyll build

> cd _site

> git checkout master

> git commit -am "Update website"

> cd ..


Feel free to use any of this code for your own personal use, and if you want to reproduce anything from any of my posts, either send me an email asking for permission or link the post up on your page (they're permalinked).


The source and HTML for my homepage at



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