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Rasa Job Bot

Rasa Job Bot is an automated chat bot that lets applicants:

  • Find jobs at Rasa
  • Check their Rasa job application status



1. Install requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

2. Install the spaCy English language model and link it

python -m spacy download en_core_web_md
python -m spacy link en_core_web_md en

How to run Rasa Job Bot

1. Run Rasa Job Bot in the command line

make run

How to train Rasa Job Bot

1. Train the NLU model

make train-nlu

2. Train the Core model

make train-core

3. Run Rasa Job Bot in the command line

make run


Your input ->  Hi
Hi, I’m Rasa’s recruiting bot. How can I help?
Your input ->  I’d like to know which positions are open right now.
Are you looking for a technical or a business role?
Your input ->  A technical one.
ML Engineer and Solutions Engineer are the open positions.
Your input ->  Hi, my name is Ali Park. I applied for a job and would like to know when I’ll hear back.
Hi Ali! Let me check that for you.
Yes, your application has been received.