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music browser/player using sinatra + pow + jplayer

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Ftang! is a music player that runs in your web browser.

My fork runs on redis for music collection indexing and session persistence.
As well, websockets are in the works for multi-user playlist sessions.


  • gems: rack, sinatra, thin, pow, haml, json, redis, bundler
  • modern web browser (tested against recent firefox, chrome, and safari builds)
  • enough storage space to host your music collection


    git clone git:// && cd ftang
    bundle install

Adding your music

By default Ftang! looks for your music at public/music.

If you use iTunes then setup is very simple as you can sym-link to your iTunes music directory.

To sym-link your iTunes directory on OS X, execute the following commands from inside the ftang folder:

ln -s ~/Music/iTunes\ Music/ music

To do

  • HTML5 storage for playlist
  • multi-user playlist sessions
  • interface enhancements (drag and drop)
  • shuffle playlist
    email with suggestions


Max Ogden
Andrew Hay Kurtz
Ezra Spier

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