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Shaman - A Frontend to libalpm in Qt


Shaman is a GUI for Arch Linux package handling. It is based on
libalpm, so it doesn't call pacman directly, it handles it
from the code itself. This has a lot of advantages, from 
integration to speed. Also, queries and searches are performed
faster than pacman, and with an high level of customization.

1. Introduction
   1.1 Features
   1.2 Extending Pacman
   1.3 Extending Usability
   1.4 And More
2. Installation

3. Credits

4. License


1.1 Features

Shaman implements almost every basic pacman functionality. One of 
the major improvements over pacman is that you can process in a 
single queue both removal of packages and installation. Moreover,
Shaman integrates an advanced parser for pacman.conf that lets you
redefine almost every aspect of your pacman configuration.

1.2 Extending Pacman

We didn't want to make just a GUI for pacman, we wanted to create a
better pacman than pacman. With Shaman you can choose to process 
your queue from source, thanks to its tight integration with abs
and makepkg. Not only, Shaman will keep you updated automatically by
notifying you when upgrades are available when it sits in the system
But this doesn't stop here: Shaman has an integrated very simple RSS
reader for Arch Linux news, and will notify you if an unread news
is about a package in your queue.
Last but not least, Shaman also features a log viewer for the current
pacman log file, allowing you to search through your logs quickly
in a pair of clicks. Shaman also logs the same infos as pacman.

1.3 Extending Usability

You will be able to control most basic functionalities of Shaman through
a Plasmoid. We really believe this new KDE4 technology is the future,
and Shaman will have its own data-engine, to make it easier for
everyone who wants to create another plasmoid.

1.4 And More

This is just a taste of what Shaman can do: just find out yourself 
what's next!


2. Installation

Refer to the INSTALL file for details


3. Credits

There are a lot of people and efforts behind Shaman. Shaman is being
actively developed by Dario Freddi and Lukas Appelhans, and grew up
in the KDEMod community (kdemod.ath.cx), that helped a lot in testing,
in giving Shaman a name (thanks mainly to Rodrigo for that), hosting
(thanks to Martin) and anything else, including support :)


4. License

See the COPYING file for details