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Digital Lighting Control System UI Prototype

A proof-of-concept web dashboard for a (hypothetical) digital interior lighting control system.


Created with Bootstrap, Underscore.js, and SVG (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript implied).

Research and Design

With all the possibilities available in digital lighting systems, it was a challenge to limit this demo to a reasonable scope. I chose to implement one kind of light and a global daylight sensor, that live in a simulated classroom with exterior windows, a whiteboard, a group area, a group of student desks, and a video screen.

Fun things that didn't get implemented in this prototype

  • individual light control
  • light & sensor groups
  • lighting-group-specific presets
  • occupancy detection
  • smart (reactive) occupancy settings
  • multiple concurrent lighting presets (potentially with conflicted settings)
  • the ability to burn out lights
  • custom configuration rules, programmable from the UI
  • location- and environment-aware lighting algorithms (e.g. lights learn settings by working together on an optimization task, rather than being instructed how to operate)
  • multiple rooms, exterior lighting
  • es6 detection
  • svg capability detection
  • mobile and portrait-aspect-ratio compatibility
  • A Node.js / Sqlite3 backend*

*Node.js / Sqlite3 backend

In writing a backend for this demo, I found a bug related to the express.js web framework that prevents a server using Sqlite3-based session storage from ever finishing a response, preventing browsers from closing the connection. Here is the patch I wrote to fix the problem, it's now part of the connect-sqlite3 project.


A proof-of-concept web dashboard for a digital interior lighting control system.



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