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Part one in a series of tutorials about creating a model for predicting house prices using Keras / Tensorflow in Python and preparing all the necessary data for importing the model in a javascript application using tensorflow.js. Let me know what do you think about it!
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Python Real Estate

This project shows how to create a model for predicting house prices and exporting some data for later use inside a Tensorflow.js application

You can read/see more about this in:

Important files to run


Tensorflowjs Converter

Building the image using docker

    docker build -t tf-converter .

Running the converter using docker

    docker run -it --rm --name tf-converter -v "$(pwd)":/workdir tf-converter --input_format keras ./model/-inputsscaled-outputsscaled-categorical/model.h5 ./shared/model

Install the converter and run it without docker

    pip install tensorflowjs

    tensorflowjs_converter --input_format keras \
                        ./model/-inputsscaled-outputsscaled-categorical/model.h5 \

More resources

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