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D. R. Henner edited this page May 4, 2013 · 9 revisions

Just a simple page for things that have been talked/thought about and are probably going to happen. But are too big or far away to keep as issues.

So there are two processes:

  • feature request that come in as issues are moved here for later
  • todo's from here move to the issues, probably as several issues actually.

Also this acts as a place to refine ideas (so your welcome to comment/elaborate). Possibly move topics out to separate pages if they get too long.

  • document loyalty credits,
  • tests (speed them up and even 1000 plus tests isn't enough),
  • pos (point of sale) (reuse cart?, integrate with admin order creation?)
  • templating (deface?) (DRH -- I don't like deface, I have heard it is better than what spree had 2 years ago but still painful to work with)
  • import (consider from spree)
  • reporting
  • printing
  • barcodes
  • simple-form
  • pre-order engine use count pending from supplier
  • add Devise or just create our own authentication (less dependent app)
  • single page checkout (I don't endorse the idea but don't mind talking about it)
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