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Opensource As350 for X-plane
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OpenSource AS350 for X-plane 11 0.1.0

Hello Guys!

The MD500 project is an inspiration to me to release this helicopter, I've been seen so much love being put on that machine, its a work of art. there's a lot of talented people out there that are willing to take things to the next level. So I've decided to make my AS350 for X-plane 11 OpenSource, so anyone can help me finalize this project that I've started in the early 2011ish for x-plane 9/10

Since I've been working FULL TIME at Thranda Designs for a while now, I cant focus too much on this project, and its been laying in my HD forever, but it is advanced enough to be flyable. There's an extensive topic in the forums about the development of this craft. please have a look at: AS350B3Squirrel

I'm releasing this craft as under the GNU V3 license.

I plan on working on this plane on my free time from Thranda Designs, (mainly weekends.)

my planned features are:

  • Extensive 2d/3d instruments
  • FMOD sounds
  • Hardcore VR implementation (full flight with no joysticks, or any kind of hardware other than VR itself to fly)
  • FSEconomy compatible with passengers and cargo displayed in the cabin.
  • Different variants of the AS350B B+ and BA.
  • And of course, what ever you guys are willing to help me! since its opensource go to github and help me finalize it!

I have other planes/helicopters laying in my HD, depending on the success of this machine I might release the other ones too.

Please feel free to join me at Github and finalize this plane!

If you feel like buying me a cofe please feel free to donate at: Buy me a coffee

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