Let's pretend d3 was written in ClojureScript.
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strokes is an interop library for using d3.js from clojurescript

D3 is a wonderfully functional library and seems well suited for playing nice with clojurescript, provided the usual data wrangling issues can be made to go away. This is achieved in strokes via JavaScript metaprogramming that provides a language polyfill for the clojure container classes so that they can be accessed natively by D3. This interop functionality is provided by the separate and growing mrhyde library.

This repo also currently includes a number of standalone examples in the examples subdirectory. The venn-simple example is probably the easiest 'hello-world' program to use as template to start hacking your own projects.

Online examples:

Getting Started

To use strokes from your ClojureScript project, add this dependency to your project.clj:

[net.drib/strokes "0.5.1"]

Or to get started in this repo, try venn-simple or any of the other examples. Simply

cd examples/venn-simple
lein cljsbuild auto

Then open public/hello.html to see three circles in your web browser. Then to get hacking, you can then edit the venn-simple source file, save, and refresh your browser to see the changes.