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Welcome to the Ludesik project!

This project is inspired by the excellent Otomata (

We, Damien Riccio and David Bruant, have decided to implement some of the ideas in open web
technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) since the technology allowed us to do it. Also, we had 
plenty of ideas to improve and needed the code to do so. As it was not available and we had the
skill to re-do the basics of Otomata, we took some time to redo it.
After a couple of hours spread across several weeks, a bunch of beers, pizzas, quiches and mojitos
with home-grown mint we achieved a result with the same basic features than Otomata (less 
beautiful, we'll admit).

We have been very careful to create something very modular and to allow different implementations
in order to allow the different things we wanted to do, including:
- Choosing the behavior when two "mobile agents" collide.
- Choosing the behavior when a mobile agent collide with a wall.
- Allowing mobile agents to move with a different rhythm (one square every two times for instance)
- Allowing mobile agents to move differently (several squares at once, diagonal, etc.)
- Choosing different sounds and changing them easily
- etc.
This should be pretty easy now.