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Add a note about `update_column`

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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ is a simple class that does 3 things.
Note: Any options defined using `crypt_keeper` will be passed to `new` as a
-You can see an AES example here [here](
+You can see an AES example [here](
## Why?
@@ -35,8 +35,16 @@! #=> Your data is now encrypted
model.field #=> 'sometext'
-It works with all persistences methods: `update_attribute`, `update_attributes`,
-`create`, `save` etc.
+It works with all persistences methods: `update_attributes`, `create`, `save`
+Note: `update_attribute` is deprecated in ActiveRecord 3.2.7. It is superseded
+by [update_column]( which _skips_ all validations, callbacks.
+That means using `update_column` will not perform any encryption. This is
+expected behavior, and has it's use cases. An example would be migrating from
+one type of encryption to another. Using `update_column` would allow you to
+update the content without going through the current encryptor.
## Creating your own encryptor

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