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Add simplest text output to your SDL program. Inline font included. Font collection included.

Has almost no good use cases; however, I found myself reusing this code/font format over and over, so maybe you would find some use for it too.

  • If you're serious about inlining your images, use something like GRIT instead.
  • If you're serious about bitmap fonts, a meta-data-less bitmap is not enough, use Sfont instead.
  • If you're really serious about fonts, and want Unicode and italics and everything, use SDL_ttf instead.

how to use

Build inprint.c with your project. Bundle inline_font.h. Include SDL_inprint.h.

Now, you can:

    screen = SDL_SetVideoMode(width, height, bpp, flags);


    incolor(0xFF0000, 0x333333);
    inprint(screen, "Hello World!", 10, 10);


The whole demo is in 'example.c'.

You can also do something like

    infont(SDL_LoadBMP("fontfile.bmp")); //use bitmap font


    infont(NULL); //revert to inline font

You would also probably want to automate the inlining into the build process, which shouldn't be hard. See 'Makefile' for an example.


SDL2 version also exists, with a slightly different API. See SDL2_inprint.h, inprint2.c and example2.c.

font collection

All the fonts in the 'fonts/' directory are free (or should be free, correct me when I'm wrong) and adhere to the convention described below. Feel free to add your fonts or make old ones prettier (it's actually quite fun to work on bitmap fonts even if you're not that good at graphics).

bitmap fonts

  • First half of ASCII table (128 symbols).
  • Formatted as 16 x 8 table.
  • Color 0 is background.
  • Color 1 is foreground.
  • One Bit Per Pixel. 1BPP. Bitmap.

inline fonts

Inline fonts are in XBM format.

You can generate them, using the included bmp2xbm tool.


Tiny routine to blit inline bitmap fonts from SDL, a tool to create such fonts and a small collection of those.



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