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The various crumbs projects is a collection of random snippets and scripts that are based on a variety of languages.

It is mostly so I can have one place to look for some of the experiments / scripting type ideas that I have to do all the time.

Some of the scripts are starter scripts others are just examples on how to integrate with certain libraries, etc…

The following is how it is broken out:

  • src/main/scripts – contains bash / sh based scripts
  • src/main/python – contains python based code
  • src/main/perl – contains perl based code
  • src/main/java – contains java based code
  • src/main/javascript – contains javascript based code
  • src/main/ruby – contains ruby based code

There is also a corresponding test directory for each language.

For a collection of scripts working together these will be broken out into a separate directory structure peer to src/.