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CurseMeta v3

Yey for version 3 I guess?

Now with 100% less C# and 100% less SOAP mess! Yay for that!

This service is hosted on cursemeta.dries007.net. The staging environment (a testing ground) will be live on staging_cursemeta.dries007.net.


  • Primary focus of this project is Minecraft, but any other curse sub-site/section should work.
  • Easy access to statistical data about anything on CurseForge.
  • Access for third party launchers, such as The Superior Minecraft Launcher MultiMC (who already use this project),
  • Access for server installer tools, so they can install Curse modpacks in one go.
  • Better online search.

Useful resources

Dev setup

This is a complex piece of software, it requires the following services:

  • Postgresql (database)
  • Redis (cache)
  • Celery (task handling, uses redis)
  • Nginx (webserver)
  • Uwsgi (python-nginx binding)

See config.py for more details on what needs running and how.

This service uses Font Awesome Pro, their CDN is tied to my domain. If you want the icons either buy a license (quite cheap) or swap out the pro for a free version and remove the non free icons.

Decompiling a .NET app

This information may be useful when conducting research on .NET applications.

You'll need a Windows (VM, obviously) with:

My folder layout:

  • Project
    • de4dot (unpacked zip)
      • de4dot.exe
    • output
    • target (folder with exe and dlls)


  1. Run the program to make it self-update and close it out completely.
  2. Nuke any old output.
  3. Copy over all files from the program folder to an output folder.
  4. Open a batch prompt.
  5. Run de4dot\de4dot.exe -r target -ro output --dont-rename.
  6. Wait.
  7. Open the output folder with dotPeek.
  8. Enjoy poking around.


EUPL v1.2