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Terrafirmacraft (v1.x) Seed maker / analyzer
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TFC Seed Maker


There are 2 main reasons I'm making this:

  1. I wanted to be able to check one or more existing seeds for resoureces and/or make maps of those resources.
  2. I wanted to make a non-spoiling way to select a good seed. (aka be sure it has some decent resources within a reasonable radius of spawn, without knowing where to go look)

For info about the maps, including a color legend, see below.

Download builds here.


Unless otherwise specified per file, or per package via the file:

Copyright © 2015 - Dries007 - Available under GPLv3

This program contains code from the Terrafirmacraft mod.


  • Make maps per layer + combined
  • Multithreading
  • Biomes
  • Rock types
  • Trees
  • Json output of discovered information
  • EVT
  • Rain
  • Stability
  • pH
  • Drainage
  • Add Gradle file and use it for dependecies
  • Seed rating system
    • Requirements
    • Instant rejections
    • Score system
  • Add "hardcoded" tree generation
  • Crops
  • Animals


The lines on the map are 1000x1000 grid lines. The resolution is 1 block per pixel. The "combined" map is a biome map with the outlines of the rock and tree layers.

You can also generate this image by running the net.dries007.tfc.seedmaker.MainLegend class.

A color map

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