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What is j8051?

j8051 is an assembler/IDE for 8051 asm files, written in Java.
No it can't do C. No I won't add C support. There are plenty of C compilers for 8051 out there.

It can compile and decompile to and from hex files, while showing you the steps in between to allow easy debugging.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Intel Hex file output
  • Many debug options
    • Shows all used include files
    • Shows all defined symbols (labels, equs, ...)
    • Shows preprocessed text
    • Shows parsed components (and highlights non parcelable parts)
  • Direct uploading to the µC via UART (just XC888 right now)


Because there are no programs with a modern, not cluttered, interface that meet my needs.
I need the assembler to flawlessly read files written for Rigel51, as many of the files used in my school where written with that program.
And I want to be able to use a different editor to edit the file, while j8051 just does the compiling and highlights errors without interrupting my workflow.
Also, I like programming. Its a hobby. So no guaranties.

Written by Dries007, student ICT - Electonics @ Campus De Nayer
Started in nov 2014


There will be documentation once the project nears completion.
The assembler is being written to mimic the capabilities of Reads51.


This project it under the Modified BSD License. Read the full license here.

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