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from telephus.cassandra.c07.constants import VERSION as CASSANDRA_07_VERSION
from telephus.cassandra.c08.constants import VERSION as CASSANDRA_08_VERSION
supported_versions = (
class APIMismatch(Exception):
def thrift_api_ver_to_cassandra_ver(remoteversion):
Try to determine if the remote thrift api version is likely to work the
way we expect it to. A mismatch in major version number will definitely
break, but a mismatch in minor version is probably ok if the remote side
is higher (it should be backwards compatible). A change in the patch
number should not affect anything noticeable.
r_major, r_minor, r_patch = map(int, remoteversion.split('.'))
for cassversion, thriftversion in supported_versions:
o_major, o_minor, o_patch = map(int, thriftversion.split('.'))
if (r_major == o_major) and (r_minor >= o_minor):
return thriftversion
msg = 'Cassandra API version %s is not compatible with telephus' % ver
raise APIMismatch(msg)
def translateArgs(request, api_version):
args = request.args
if request.method == 'system_add_keyspace' or \
request.method == 'system_update_keyspace':
if api_version == CASSANDRA_07_VERSION:
args = (args[0].to07(),)
args = (args[0].to08(),)
return args
def postProcess(results, method):
if method == 'describe_keyspace':
return translate_describe_ks(results)
elif method == 'describe_keyspaces':
return map(translate_describe_ks, results)
return results
def translate_describe_ks(ksdef):
if ksdef.strategy_options and 'replication_factor' in ksdef.strategy_options:
ksdef.replication_factor = int(ksdef.strategy_options['replication_factor'])
return ksdef
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