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from telephus.protocol import ManagedCassandraClientFactory
from telephus.client import CassandraClient
from telephus.cassandra.ttypes import ColumnPath, ColumnParent, Column, SuperColumn
from twisted.internet import defer
HOST = 'localhost'
PORT = 9160
KEYSPACE = 'Keyspace1'
CF = 'Standard1'
SCF = 'Super1'
colname = 'foo'
scname = 'bar'
def dostuff(client):
yield client.insert(key='test', column_family=CF, value='testval', column=colname)
yield client.insert(key='test', column_family=SCF, value='testval', column=colname, super_column=scname)
res = yield client.get(key='test', column_family=CF, column=colname)
print 'get', res
res = yield client.get(key='test', column_family=SCF, column=colname, super_column=scname)
print 'get (super)', res
res = yield client.get_slice(key='test', column_family=CF)
print 'get_slice', res
res = yield client.multiget(keys=['test', 'test2'], column_family=CF, column=colname)
print 'multiget', res
res = yield client.multiget_slice(keys=['test', 'test2'], column_family=CF)
print 'multiget_slice', res
res = yield client.get_count(key='test', column_family=CF)
print 'get_count', res
# batch insert will figure out if you're trying a CF or SCF
# from the data structure
res = yield client.batch_insert(key='test', column_family=CF, mapping={colname: 'bar'})
print "batch_insert", res
res = yield client.batch_insert(key='test', column_family=SCF, mapping={'foo': {colname: 'bar'}})
print "batch_insert", res
# with ttypes, you pass a list as you would for raw thrift
# this way you can set custom timestamps
cols = [Column(colname, 'bar', 1234), Column('bar', 'baz', 54321)]
res = yield client.batch_insert(key='test', column_family=CF, mapping=cols)
print "batch_insert", res
cols = [SuperColumn(name=colname, columns=cols)]
# of course you don't have to use kwargs if the order is correct
res = yield client.batch_insert('test', SCF, cols)
print "batch_insert", res
if __name__ == '__main__':
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.python import log
import sys
f = ManagedCassandraClientFactory(KEYSPACE)
c = CassandraClient(f)
reactor.connectTCP(HOST, PORT, f)
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