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Duncan McGre... added some commits Apr 28, 2012
Duncan McGreggor Renamed the README so that github renders it as rst. dda747e
Duncan McGreggor Removed rst indent. a4a6d23
Duncan McGreggor Made imports confirm to PEP8. 77385e8
Duncan McGreggor Fixed long lines. 2d57622
Duncan McGreggor Fixed long lines and import ordering. 110f6d6
Duncan McGreggor Fixed a whole slew of PEP8 errors. de88d03
Duncan McGreggor Moved test directory into module, a la standard Twisted code.
With this change, one can run the tests with the Twisted trial test runner, and
have more insight into the progress/status of the test cases as they are being
Duncan McGreggor Updated the README with trial instructions.
Also, the following changes were made:
 * a little mythological background was added
 * Glyph prefers that folks use Twisted by itself or Twisted (Python) vs.
   modifying "Python" with a "Twisted" adjective
 * spaced out the sections for improved readability
Duncan McGreggor Fixed
 * fixed description
 * updated version to match latest released tag
 * fixed module-level spacing
 * added test package
Duncan McGreggor Moved the inlinecallback example file into its own folder. 2bb57d3
Duncan McGreggor Added placeholders for deferred examples. adacc4a
Duncan McGreggor Fixed long lines. b2de383
@thobbs thobbs merged commit bf6eb3f into driftx:master Jan 31, 2013
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