@brandyscarney brandyscarney released this Nov 3, 2016 · 386 commits to master since this release

2.0.0-rc.2 (2016-11-03)

Bug Fixes

  • action-sheet: Improve Action Sheet styles across all the platforms (#8736) (8d2c8b6), closes #8663
  • config: Cannot read property 'canDisableScroll' of undefined in unit tests (90f9b5c)
  • content: _scrollPadding is not undefined (6484c50), closes #8844
  • cordova: add Sass variables for md and wp statusbar padding (#8788) (8921cb1), closes #8712
  • fab: only animate transform and opacity (f69e981)
  • gulp: e2e.watch works with non localhost interface (950e663)
  • input: wrong width of text-input for iOS (941e2d2), closes #7388
  • nav: adds public willLoad lifecycle event (033e1ea)
  • nav: clickblock is disabled longer (eb317d4), closes #8713
  • nav: ion-nav inside ion-content work properly (ba557ac)
  • nav: ionViewDidLoad fires before children components have been loaded (e89f3b0), closes #8449
  • nav: swipe to go back gesture (04d61ee), closes #8919 #8958 #7934
  • nav: view.id is not overridden (8b65398), closes #8794
  • nav: willLoad() does not have to be zone wrapped (17dbf69)
  • navPush: change detector exception (8b07e6c)
  • picker: fixes regression in picker but introduces new bug. (c1ba120)
  • range: fixes when step size is bigger than range (9895b86), closes #8830 #8802
  • range: range with long label renders correctly (f1f44eb)
  • refresher: only animate transform property (658c4d6)
  • sass: rename $background-color variable in our loops (2003ae4), closes #8475
  • scroll: fix scroll to top on iOS (2d165e1)
  • update to latest Angular and NGC (8eae2cb)
  • searchbar: looks good when mode is different (0c0f32d)
  • searchbar: positionElements to assign input mode fixes #8855 (cd0e19a)
  • searchbar-md-cancel: fix always hide button (316c4f3)
  • segment: update broken link driftyco/ionic-site#777 (c66a440)
  • select: emit the ionSelect option when selecting an option (2eed5e2)
  • spinner: working in firefox and edge (ab93f3f), closes #8714
  • tabs: $tabs-md-tab-font-size is taken into account (4be5d83), closes #8820
  • tabs: regression in nav-controller-base (d84d8a6)
  • add missing export (#8999) (98d474b)
  • tapclick: several improvements (35d12ef)
  • templates: suffix templates page #8320 (#8368) (61620f8)
  • transition: syntax of cubic-bezier easing (813d945)
  • transition: wrong easing (09c08e9)


  • debug: add IonicErrorHandler (9397d6b)
  • tabs: tabsHideOnSubPages can be modified per tab (4f6a9b1)