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gortok commented Jul 6, 2016

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bpietravalle and others added some commits Apr 12, 2016
@bpietravalle @gortok bpietravalle added method to src,mocks, and respective tests (#1218) c604150
@mrscholty @gortok mrscholty update localNotification.ctrl.js (#1213)
i think, to be able to calculate "_60_seconds_from_now", the "now" value has to be a number, so I added the "getTime()" method
@pmccloghrylaing @gortok pmccloghrylaing $cordovaAppRate sets callbacks correctly (onButtonClicked, onRateDial…
…ogShow) (#1209)
@nickplesha @gortok nickplesha Wrapper for 3d touch plugin (#1155)
* Add wrapper for 3d plugin

* Fixed JSHint warnings for undefined variable
@AllenConquest @gortok AllenConquest added iosOptions to $ (#1224)
* added iosOptions to $

* added missing comma

* added additional test for options in method
@sjaakieb @gortok sjaakieb Updated appVersion mocks and added tests (#1231) de9e36a
@vitaliy-bobrov @gortok vitaliy-bobrov Issue #1228 - google analytics (#1247)
* Add key param check

* Tests fix

* Tests fix
@Grayda @gortok Grayda Added shareWithOptions, which was introduced in 5.1.0 (#1263) 2605cfe

As you can see in the example in the url you provided, the success and error callback receive more than just a boolean as response. Please pass this object when resolving or rejecting the promise.

YaAvi and others added some commits Jun 27, 2016
@YaAvi @gortok YaAvi added tts plugin wrapper (#1265)
* added tts plugin wrapper

* commit only tts.js

* only commit plugin
@makearl @gortok makearl Add serial plugin wrapper (#1274)
* Add cordovaSerial plugin wrapper and unit tests

* Update README with serial plugin

* Add serial to jshint globals
@YaAvi @gortok YaAvi added recents control plugin wrapper (#1264)
* added recents control plugin

* built added recents control plugin

* added plugin to plugin list

* added tts plugin wrapper

* commit only tts.js

* only commit plugin

* only commit recents plugin

* remove tts plugin

* added plugin to list

* added coma :|
@gortok gortok merged commit 6914f8e into master Jul 6, 2016

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