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Black formatter for Jupyter Notebook
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Jupyter Black [Black formatter for Jupyter Notebook]

This extension reformats/prettifies code in a notebook's code cell by black.


pre-requisites: of course, you must have some of the corresponding packages installed:

pip install black [--user]

Then the extension provides

  • a toolbar button
  • a keyboard shortcut for reformatting the current code-cell (default: Ctrl-B)
  • a keyboard shortcut for reformatting whole code-cells (default: Ctrl-Shift-B)

Syntax shall be correct. The extension will also point basic syntax errors.


If you use jupyter-contrib-nbextensions, proceed as usual.

Otherwise, you can still install/try the extension from personal repo, using

jupyter nbextension install --user
jupyter nbextension enable jupyter-black-master/jupyter-black
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