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Drone plugin for caching to a locally mounted volume
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drone-volume-cache on Docker Hub

This is a pure Bash Drone 0.5+ plugin to cache files and/or folders to a locally mounted volume.

For more information on how to use the plugin, please take a look at the docs.


Build the docker image by running:

docker build --rm=true -t drillster/drone-volume-cache .


Execute from the working directory:

docker run --rm \
  -e PLUGIN_REBUILD=true \
  -e PLUGIN_MOUNT="./node_modules" \
  -e DRONE_REPO_OWNER="foo" \
  -e DRONE_REPO_NAME="bar" \
  -v $(pwd):$(pwd) \
  -v /tmp/cache:/cache \
  -w $(pwd) \
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