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__copyright__ = "Copyright (c) 2010-2012 David Ripton"
__license__ = "GNU GPL v2"
"""Interface for the AI."""
from zope.interface import Interface
class Bot(Interface):
def player_info():
"""Return a string with information for result-tracking purposes."""
def maybe_pick_color(game):
"""Pick a color if it's my turn."""
def maybe_pick_first_marker(game, playername):
"""Pick my first legion marker if I know my color."""
def choose_marker(player):
"""Choose a legion marker."""
def split(game):
"""Split if it's my turn."""
def move_legions(game):
"""Try to move legions."""
def choose_engagement(game):
"""Pick an engagement to resolve next."""
def resolve_engagement(game, hexlabel, did_not_flee):
"""Resolve the engagement in hexlabel."""
def move_creatures(game):
"""Move creatures in battle."""
def strike(game):
"""Choose strikes or strikebacks."""
def carry(game, striker_name, striker_hexlabel, target_name,
target_hexlabel, num_dice, strike_number, carries):
"""Choose how to apply one carry."""
def recruit(game):
"""Recruit during the Muster phase."""
def reinforce(game):
"""Muster a reinforcement during or after battle."""
def summon_angel(game):
"""Summon an angel, during or after battle."""
def acquire_angels(game, markerid, num_angels, num_archangels):
"""Acquire angels."""
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