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GWCD: Wherigo files (.gwc) decompiler

This script is a simple Wherigo files (.gwc) decompiler. As we known how a .gwc is formatted [1], we can read the file in binary mode, extracting data along the reading.

This script can be used to :

  • retrieve data related to the Wherigo (included the completion code),
  • extract the compiled Lua file (describing the scenario of the cartridge),
  • extract media files.


$ python [OPTIONS] <gwc file>

Options are:

-h, --help       show this help message and exit
--output OUTPUT  Output directory where gwcd will store extracted data
--lua            Extract compiled lua file
--completion     Show the completion code
--media          Extract media files
--verbose, -v    Show all data related to the cartridge
--all            Do everything

Dockerized version

For running the script in any environment that supports docker containers

Building image

$ docker build -t mrummuka/gwcd .

Running gwcd from container

$ docker run --rm -v /path/to/wigocontainerdir:/data mrummuka/gwcd:latest


Dockerized version of gwcd currently assumes that wherigo container is found from /path/to/wigocontainerdir/ (can be changed) named as wigo.gwc (cannot be changed)


BSD Licence. See LICENCE file.