Log Courier, a lightweight log shipper with Logstash integration.
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Log Courier

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Log Courier is a lightweight tool created to ship log files speedily and securely, with low resource usage, to remote Logstash instances.

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Upgrading to 2.x

There are many breaking changes in the configuration between 1.8 and 2.x. Please check carefully the list of breaking changes here: Change Log.

Packages also now default to using a log-courier user. If you require the old behaviour of root, please be sure to modify the /etc/sysconfig/log-courier (CentOS/RedHat) or /etc/default/log-courier (Ubuntu) file.



  • At-least-once delivery of events to the Logstash pipeline - a Log Courier crash should never lose events
  • Be efficient, reliable and scalable
  • Keep resource usage low
  • Be easy to use