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BrainStars API client for R

Itoshi NIKAIDO <>
Copyright (C) 2012. Itoshi NIKAIDO.

This R library can search and get gene expression data and plots
from BrainStars (or B*,

BrainStars is a quantitative expression database of the adult
mouse brain. The database has genome-wide expression profile at 51
adult mouse CNS regions.

For 51 CNS regions, slices (0.5-mm thick) of mouse brain were cut on a
Mouse Brain Matrix, frozen, and the specific regions were punched out
bilaterally with a microdissecting needle (gauge 0.5 mm) under a
stereomicroscope. For each region, we took samples every 4 hours,
starting at ZT0 (Zeitgaber time 0; the time of lights on), for 24
hours (6 time-point samples for each region), and we pooled the
samples from the different time points. We independently sampled each
region twice (n=2).

These samples were purified their RNA, and measured with Affymetrix
GeneChip Mouse Genome 430 2.0 arrays. Expression values were then
summarized with the RMA method. After several analysis with the
expression data, the data and analysis results were stored in the
BrainStars database.

BrainStars database has a REST API to query gene expression data and
some kind of figures written by Dr. Takeya Kasukawa. This package is
wrapper for BrainStars REST API in R. BrainStars data, images and
texts (excluding ABA data and images) are licensed under a Creative
Commons Attribution 2.1 Japan License.


BrainStars API client for R



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