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Concept to Clinic

ALCF Concept to Clinic Challenge

We’re calling on a global community of data scientists, engineers, designers, and researchers to build an open source software application that brings advances from machine learning into the clinic. We’re not just optimizing an algorithm for a single metric—we’re collaborating to build tools which put AI in the hands of clinicians.

In addition to pushing forward the cutting-edge of open clinical software, top contributors will be eligible for a share of $100,000 in monetary prizes generously provided by the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation.

Contribute now by grabbing an issue and submitting a pull request!

Read more on the project homepage!

Getting started

If you need any help, jump into the forums and ask away!

Community Guidelines

This project is about building a community that is working together towards a shared goal. We've got a code of conduct that we expect participants to respect, but it really boils down to:

  • Keep the goal in mind. We're focused on the audacious goal of providing advanced algorithms for clinicians. Points and prizes are great, but they're just a tool for keeping the project fun and interesting.
  • Leave your ego at the door. We're all aiming to achieve something bigger by working together.
  • Practice empathy. Not everyone has the same skills or background, assume participants have the best intentions.
  • Encourage other participants. The more people who can contribute the better for everyone. Help each other and recognize good work when you see it.
  • Respect the process. This project involves tricky technical tradeoffs. Sometimes the administrators may make a decision that you don't agree with. Contributors should assume good faith in all discussions and be willing to move on once the project moves past a certain decision.

And here are some concrete things that you can do:

  • Answer questions on the forum
  • Keep the developer documentation up to date as you change code
  • See a good PR, add a ❤️ emoji! Challenge administrators will take notice.
  • Let others know when you're working on an issue—invite them to join your fork and solve it together!

Making the Project Better

As with any open source project, the specification of how we reach our goals, the features that we implement, and how the software works will continue to evolve. We welcome your input in refining this vision.

We didn't think of everything beforehand, so contribute your ideas to the cause. We won't be able to implement every one, but filing good issues that become marked official after review will earn you points like a code contribution.

Learn more about the prizes

There are great cash and swag prizes for participation and helping the community! Learn more on the prizes page.

Who is involved

A consortium of clinical experts, lung cancer advocates, data scientists, software engineers and challenge gurus have come together to put on this challenge. Learn more about ALCF, DrivenData, and the people putting this on.