Windows 10 ARM64 BSP for Raspberry Pi 3B
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Windows 10 ARM64 BSP for Raspberry Pi 3B

This is a direct port to ARM64 of the drivers for Windows 10 on Raspberry 3B.

The code is based on Microsoft's BSP for Windows 10 IoT Core, orignal README from Microsoft can be found in

Current Progress

Device Driver Progress
Arasan SDHC bcm2836sdhc.sys Working
SDHOST rpisdhc.sys Working
GPIO bcmgpio.sys Working
SPI bcmspi.sys Working
AUXSPI bcmauxspi.sys Working
I2C bcmi2c.sys Working
Audio rpiwav.sys Working
PWM bcm2836pwm.sys Working
Mini UART pi_miniuart.sys Working
PL011 UART SerPL011.sys Loads, but not tested
RPIQ rpiq.sys Working
VCHIQ vchiq.sys Loads, but not tested


  • "Working" means basic functionality works, but with no guarantee in stability or performance.
  • "Loads, but not tested" means the driver loads, and reports as "working properly" in Device Manager, but we haven't test if it actually works yet.
  • In order to get bcmauxspi.sys to load, you'll need to set the following registry key:
DWORD ForceEnable=1

Enabling User Mode GPIO/SPI/I2C

With Windows.Device.* APIs, you can access GPIO/SPI/I2C pins in usermode, samples are provided in

You'll need the Oct 1st 2018 build of RaspberryPiPkg or newer for this functionality.

Unlike IoT Core, you'll need to call these APIs in a full trust desktop application, not sandboxed UWP.

Accessing RPIQ Mailboxes in User Mode

To access RPIQ Mailboxes (like querying voltages and temperatures of your Raspberry Pi), you'll need to access device \\.\RPIQ, and invoke ioctl operations with DeviceIoControl. Samples are provided in

Networking through modem emulation over UART

Networking is possible through modem emulation over UART, though slow (literal dial-up speeds, bring back the 90s :) ) and not stable. For details, check out