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Sintel Trailer example not working #4

bobpaul opened this Issue · 7 comments

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$ ./dropship examples/sintel_trailer-1080p.mp4.json
('Oops, blocks are not known: %s', [u'lykR7INbdxXNk04IpJUxTvO97GeETwAbobol2283eqY', u'ciZ4YYqkiA9VssSpfmcagRJaYMtD3wNqZ4NTeV9BvOc', u'7qe_U9KLL8t1RRH3K01PdTxnEGCnm1nP8S30ZkXK0KI', u'cPJPJ_uch8hJFhKaEeXufETDZ-q6Fqz1cibxoYwL8G8'])

$ ./dropship examples/sintel_trailer-1080p.mp4.json
File /sintel_trailer-1080p.mp4 dropshipped succesfully.


Dropbox changed the way they dedupe a while ago and Dropship no longer works.

@driverdan driverdan closed this

So.. "Program doesn't work at all" is considered a "Won't Fix" issue? What's the point of this github project??


"Commenter unable to read comment by repo owner" is also considered a "Won't Fix" issue. Or perhaps "Can't Fix".


Won't fix and can't fix. As far as I can tell Dropbox has disabled client side dedupe.

The point of the project now is for reference.


I guess it's your project to class bugs as you wish. IMHO "program doesn't work at all" is the kind of bug that should stay open, even if it's a 'Can't Fix' issue. The issue still exists, even if changes to Dropbox mean the issue will probably always exist.

@driverdan driverdan reopened this

That's actually a really good point. I'll leave it open in case it can be modified to work again in the future.


Would be helpful to add "Dropbox changed the way they dedupe a while ago and Dropship no longer works." to the top of the readme.

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