persisted cookies idea #39

keverw opened this Issue Sep 6, 2012 · 1 comment

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Hey. I seen persisted cookies were on the todo list. Just wanted to jot down a idea I had for this.

A option to disable them, also have a jar. So before making the request I can create a jar, empty, delete the jar when done? Similar to I guess. Not sure now this goes with the WC3 spec but this would most likey be similar to browser settings. For Example this would be useful if a app needed multiple jars for different users. Maybe a proxy server for example would have a random Id for the user and store cookies on it behalf on the server, then say they are inactive for 10 min or close out it would delete the jar.


I've developed a companion Node module XMLHttpRequest-Cookie (see which wraps round this Node XMLHttpRequest module and adds full and automatic Cookie support.

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