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My personal website and blog
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My personal website and blog.

Pelican is, currently, my blogging tool of choice. I have the following third-party plugins enabled:

  • tipue_search

And I have the following homegrown plugins enabled as well:

To browse a local copy, you'll need a pelican virtualenv set up with pelican and its dependencies installed. The plugins are handled separately. You need to make sure you have the plugins cloned from github somewhere on your drive and you need to point pelican at them via its configuration file.

Generating the website locally is done with this command:

pelican content/ -o output/

You can provide the -r option to autoreload on changes:

pelican content/ -o output/ -r

Then you can serve up the pages by doing this:

cd output python -m http.server

And pointing your browser at http://localhost:8000

If you're generating for publication, run this:

pelican -s content/ -o output_p/

Then rsync the output over to the remote server.
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