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Vimium - The Hacker's Browser

Vimium is a Chrome extension that provides keyboard based navigation and control in the spirit of the Vim editor.

Installation instructions:

You can install the stable version of Vimium from the Chrome Extensions Gallery.

Alternatively, you can install it from source:

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions
  2. Click on "Load Extension..."
  3. Select the vimium directory.

The Settings page can be found by clicking the Options button next to Vimium on chrome://extensions.

Keyboard Bindings

is to be interpreted as ctrl + x together.

Navigating the current page: h scroll left j scroll down k scroll up l scroll right gg scroll to top of the page G scroll to bottom of the page scroll down a page scroll up a page scroll down a full page scroll up a full page f activate link hints mode to open in current page F activate link hints mode to open in new tab r reload gf view source zi zoom in zo zoom out / enter find mode -- type your search query and hit enter to search or esc to cancel n cycle forward to the next find match N cycle backward to the previous find match i enter insert mode -- all commands will be ignored until you hit esc to exit y copy the current url to the clipboard

Navigating your history: ba, H go back in history fw, fo, L go forward in history

Manipulating tabs: J, gT go one tab left K, gt go one tab right t create tab d close current tab u restore closed tab (i.e. unwind the 'd' command)

Vimium supports command repetition so, for example, hitting '5t' will open 5 tabs in rapid succession. ESC will clear any partial commands in the queue.


Send us a pull request on Github with some explanation. If the patch adds new behavior or functionality, please let us know whether it mirrors a similar extension for another browser or Vim itself. Feel free to include a change to the CREDITS file with your patch.

Release Notes

1.13 (Unreleased, current)

  • Commands and to scroll a full page up or down.

1.11, 1.12 (01/08/2010)

  • Commands 'gt' & 'gT' to move to the next & previous tab.
  • Command 'yy' to yank (copy) the current tab's url to the clipboard.
  • Better Linux support.
  • Fix for Shift+F link hints.
  • ESC now clears the keyQueue. So, for example, hitting 'g', 'ESC', 'g' will no longer scroll the page.

1.1 (01/03/2010)

  • A nicer looking settings page.
  • An exclusion list that allows you to define URL patterns for which Vimium will be disabled (e.g. http*://*).
  • Vimium-interpreted keystrokes are no longer sent to the page.
  • Better Windows support.
  • Various miscellaneous bug fixes and UI improvements.


Copyright (c) 2010 Phil Crosby, Ilya Sukhar. See MIT-LICENSE.txt for details.