Unix sed for node.js
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Unix sed for node.js

Intended to be POSIX compliant.

Any incorrect behaviour for a POSIX compliant script will be considered a bug. Please report it at https://github.com/drj11/sed.js/issues

Source Code

github: https://github.com/drj11/sed.js git: https://github.com/drj11/sed.js.git tar: https://github.com/drj11/sed.js/archive/sed.js-0.0.0.tar.gz

Current implementation status


  • All POSIX options (-e, -f, and -n)
  • Implicit stdin and input from file arguments
  • All POSIX verbs (#:=abcDdGgHhilNnpqrstwxy{)
  • All (POSIX) addresses: numeric, $, context
  • Detection of #n at start of script
  • Empty REs in addresses and s pattern
  • Correct Exit Status


npm install # to install urchin
npm test