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A website that finds the most common words on a reddit comment thread.
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Most Common Words for Reddit

A website that finds the most common words on a reddit comment thread.

A tool by Nathan Hakkakzadeh or drkabob.

This repo consists of two python scripts. The file is a script that takes one argument and will output the top 5 words.

The file is a bottle web application. An example implementation can be found on my website here. The web app needs to be run with a web server that supports threading as finding the most common words takes a long time due to the limit placed on reddit API calls. I personally use CherryPy, but you can change the server used by editing the file manually.

Also the commonwords.txt file is used by both and to ignore common words that would make the results a lot less interesting. It is required that this file be in the directory where either or is run.


Both and are designed to work with Python 3.x. They will work with Python 2.x, but you will encounter Unicode errors.

For both and, you will need...

  • A Python interpreter, preferably Python 3.x
  • The latest version of praw

And for, you will need...

UI Overhaul

The UI Overhaul was done by Samuel Thacker or h4xg33k.

Designed in Bootstrap, coding integrated into Python.

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