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# Copyright (c) 2008-2012, David P. D. Moss. All rights reserved.
# Released under the BSD license. See the LICENSE file for details.
Compatibility wrappers providing uniform behaviour for Python code required to
run under both Python 2.x and 3.x.
All operations emulate 2.x behaviour where applicable.
import sys as _sys
if _sys.version_info[0] == 3:
# Python 3.x specific logic.
_sys_maxint = _sys.maxsize
_int_type = int
_str_type = str
_is_str = lambda x: isinstance(x, (str, type(''.encode())))
_is_int = lambda x: isinstance(x, int)
_callable = lambda x: hasattr(x, '__call__')
_func_doc = lambda x: x.__doc__
_dict_keys = lambda x: list(x.keys())
_dict_items = lambda x: list(x.items())
_iter_dict_keys = lambda x: x.keys()
def _bytes_join(*args): return ''.encode().join(*args)
def _zip(*args): return list(zip(*args))
def _range(*args, **kwargs): return list(range(*args, **kwargs))
_iter_range = range
def _func_name(f, name=None):
if name is not None: f.__name__ = name
else: return f.__name__
def _func_doc(f, docstring=None):
if docstring is not None: f.__doc__ = docstring
else: return f.__doc__
elif _sys.version_info[0:2] > [2, 3]:
# Python 2.4 or higher.
_sys_maxint = _sys.maxint
_int_type = (int, long)
_str_type = (str, unicode)
# NB - not using basestring here for maximum 2.x compatibility.
_is_str = lambda x: isinstance(x, (str, unicode))
_is_int = lambda x: isinstance(x, (int, long))
_callable = lambda x: callable(x)
_dict_keys = lambda x: x.keys()
_dict_items = lambda x: x.items()
_iter_dict_keys = lambda x: iter(x.keys())
def _bytes_join(*args): return ''.join(*args)
def _zip(*args): return zip(*args)
def _range(*args, **kwargs): return range(*args, **kwargs)
_iter_range = xrange
def _func_name(f, name=None):
if name is not None: f.func_name = name
else: return f.func_name
def _func_doc(f, docstring=None):
if docstring is not None: f.func_doc = docstring
else: return f.func_doc
# Unsupported versions.
raise RuntimeError(
'this module only supports Python 2.4.x or higher (including 3.x)!')
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