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A Python Library for controlling, burn-in, evaluating, IN-9 Nixie Bar Graph displays using the Raspberry Pi
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Python Raspberry Pi IN-9 and IN-13 Linear Nixie Tube Hat Library

This Python Library is used to control the IN-9 and IN-13 Linear Nixie Tube HAT for the Raspberry Pi.

See for more information. This github repository contains the python Library for a PCB Hat that works with the Rasperry Pi Zero, and B+ along with the Nixie Tube Power Supply designed in a previous blog.

This library can be installed on the raspberry pi by the usual git clone technique.

The complete HAT hardware and software design can also be downloaded at the RpiNixieBarGraphHat repository. This repository is a sub-module to the RpiNixieBarGraphHat repository.

This Library uses the pigrio library because of its ability to control the harware PWM outputs of the raspbarry pi zero.

  • To install this pigrio library perform the following

  • sudo apt-get update

  • sudo apt-get install pigpio python-pigpio

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