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Simple wrapper to the common handling of image posting in lua
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POST Image handler

This library wraps the common code that is needed to handle images when they are submitted to an application over the internet.

Usage Example - Lapis

local get_image = require "image_handler".get_image
local save_image = require "image_handler".save_image

POST = function(self)
    -- Get the form posted image data from the request
    local filename =
    local content =

    -- Get the photo
    local photo = get_image(filename, content)
    -- Check result
    if not photo then
        print("Received an invalid photo")
        return { status=400 }

    -- Save the new image in the base_folder

    return { status=200 }


  • get_image(image_name, image_content) - Checks if the filename format is in the extensions whitelist, validates if the received image content has any content. Return nil in case of error, or in case of success a table with:
    name = "Random generated name so it can be stored",
    extension = "Extension of the received file",
    width = "Image Width",
    height = "Image Height",
    content = "Binary image received content",
    fullname = "Image name + extension"
  • save_image(image) - Receives the image table obtained from get_image and saves the image with the generated name in the configurated base_folder.

  • delete_image(image_name) - Receives an image fullname and deletes it from the configurated base_folder.

  • set_base_folder(path) - Changes the base folder of the images. (default "./")

  • set_allowed_formats(formats) - Sets a new table with the allowed image formats. (default {".jpg", ".png", ".jpeg", ".bmp"})


  • magick - For checking image content and gathering the image width and height.

  • printable_chars - To help in the generation of random file names.

  • Since it uses the /dev/urandom to generate file names, it can only run on a Unix based system.


Magic depends on LuaJIT and MagickWand. On Ubuntu, to use ImageMagick, you might run:

sudo apt-get install luajit
sudo apt-get install libmagickwand-dev

Use LuaRocks to install the lua packages:

sudo apt-get install luarocks
luarocks install image_handler


To run the unit tests the busted tool is needed. You can install it with luarocks:

luarocks install busted

To run the unit tests we need to tell busted to use luajit. We can test with the following command.

busted --lua /usr/bin/luajit spec
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