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PowerClient Roadmap

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Rackspace PowerClient v1.0

Official Release Date: May 1, 2013

This will be the base release of the client to start providing immediate use of the powershell client to Rackspace cloud customers.

Rackspace PowerClient v2.0

Target Release Date: June 1, 2013

For the version 2 release of the client, the following major changes are planned:

  • Hard coded regions will be removed. All commands will be executed against the region defined during setup, or conversely, an optional parameter can be passed along with any command to be executed against a different region.

  • Productivity tweaks, such as storing previous command result set into variables to be used in the pipeline. This should hopefully reduce the amount of copy/paste actions needed by the user.

  • Use with ANY OpenStack based environment, and not just for Rackspace Cloud

  • Server connection cmdlets, so that you can connect to your servers directly from the client via MSTSC for Windows and putty for Linux.

  • Module setup cmdlet, so that direct editing of the module itself will no longer be required.

Rackspace PowerClient v3.0

Target Release Date: ?

For the version 3 release of the client, the following major changes are planned:

  • All previous functionality

  • Full inclusion of language bindings, to ensure that all Rackspace Windows tools are using the same code base and methods.

  • Ongoing feature support for other Rackspace Cloud products, such as Cloud Monitoring, Cloud DNS, Cloud Databases, and upcoming Autoscaling feature sets.

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