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Creating a new stemcell

If you are on a new IaaS and/or if there isn't a public stemcell for your architecture (at the time of writing the only non-vSphere public stemcell, is bosh-stemcell-aws-0.6.2.tgz which is for 64-bit AWS), then you will need to create a base stemcell for your environment VMs.

If you want your environment VMs to boot faster - by not having to install packages - you can also create a custom stemcell that includes all the packages you need.

Creating a stemcell

TODO - write this tutorial

Boot up a big 64-bit VM. You only use 64-bit AWS instances now, right?

SSH into your MicroBOSH Ubuntu instance.

sudo su -
apt-get install debootstrap

You'll need ovftool from VMWare. Go here, agree to the agreement. Then:

  • Click "Use Web Browser" checkbox
  • Then get the URL for the .bundle file for Linux 64-bit
  • Download it to your VM
wget ''

cd /var/vcap/deploy/bosh/director/current/agent/misc/ gem install bundler bundle