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Foreground color is ignored #1

fnando opened this Issue · 12 comments

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The foreground color is being ignored when using the Blackboard theme, so the text is copied as black instead of white.

I'm using the latest commit (e490dbf).


I have the same issue. I'm working on the latest commit (4e7be60)


Same issue


To get around the foreground color being ignored, I'm using white backgrounds for code slides and the 'Mac Classic' TextMate theme as suggested by @jnunemaker:


Same issue here. I ended up creating a quick syntax highlighting tool that allows me to enter some code, and copy the syntax highlighted version into Keynote.


Any update on this issue?


This was a known issue when the bundle was created.

One idea that just occurred to me is to create two commands, bound to the same key combo, to make the default text white or black.


Ok, I think I have fixed this. Can everyone who has raised this issue over the last 12 months please let me know if it works? Or at least that its not critically useless.

That is, if the background is black, the foreground color will be white(ish). Else the foreground color will be black.


@drnic: Doesn’t seem to fix it for me.

FYI, my TextMate background isn’t black, but dark blue. When I copy some white text using Copy as RTF, it will still become black instead of white.


Anyone still watching this issue? Using the Twilight theme with white text and it's pasting as black. I've gone through the code myself and from what I can see it looks like it should work, but alas. I even tried hardcoding #ffffff as the foreground color but still nothing:

if (!setting['name'] and setting['settings'])
  body_bg = setting['settings']['background'] || '#000000'
  @body_bg ||= body_bg
  body_fg = setting['settings']['foreground'] || '#ffffff'
  selection_bg = setting['settings']['selection']
  body_bg = hex_color_to_rtf(body_bg)
  body_fg = hex_color_to_rtf(body_fg)
  selection_bg = hex_color_to_rtf(selection_bg) if selection_bg
  @colors << body_fg

No luck here either. Using the latest version, copying from a dark TM theme to a dark Keynote theme, and all the light text comes out black. Also tried modifying the source, but it made no difference that I could see. Switching to a light Keynote theme isn't really an option - I've got hundreds of slides that would need modification. Any progress on this forthcoming? Thanks.


Ah, good news - there's a similar bundle from another dev that doesn't have this issue:


YES! Thanks for the link! You just gave me back years of my life!

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