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GitHub Pull Request/Issue status badges/shields

You can now document the live status of GitHub Pull Requests in your documentation/blogs.

  • pivotal-cf-experimental/lattice/pull/7
  • cloudfoundry/cloud_controller_ng/pull/316
  • hashicorp/terraform/pull/708

And issues:

  • golang/go/issues/498
  • go-martini/martini/issues/317

Heck, here are some issues/PRs for this project itself:

  • drnic/github-shields/issues/1

Badges are being rendered by the awesome service.

How it works

To get a badge/shield, include .svg or .png suffix: redirects to

Whilst without the suffix, the redirect is the GitHub PR URL: directs to

Compose the two together to get a clickable shield for a PR status: pivotal-cf-experimental/lattice/pull/8

Deploying to Cloud Foundry

If you want shields that describe private repositories then you'll need to run this app with your own GitHub token.

First, create a GitHub Personal Access Token at

cf push github-shields -m 128M -k 256M --no-start --random-route
cf set-env github-shields GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN <TOKEN>
cf start github-shields