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0.4.8 (March 17, 2012)

  • Change user emails api, fix bug with deleting emails, add specs.
  • Change user keys api and add specs.

0.4.7 (March 11, 2012)

  • Add custom client error class.
  • Add custom errors invalid options and required params.
  • Clean all github api specs from test dependencies.
  • Change all github api to use new required params error class to provide clearer and more helpful request exceptions.
  • Update cassettes and config to vcr 2.0
  • Chage gem dependecies to use rake, bundler 1.1.0 and vcr 2.0

0.4.6 (February 27, 2012)

  • Update gem dependencies, specifically core libraries: multi_json, oauth2, faraday and testing: webmock. (Cannot udpate guard as it conflicts with Growl notifications.)
  • Fix test dependency for github_spec and users_spec test suites.
  • Add specs for user followers api.
  • Add better support for isolation of test dependency by resetting request mocks and github instance variables.
  • Remove jeweler dependency from gemspec and rakefile. Clean up rakefile.

0.4.5 (February 25, 2012)

  • add specs for the main pull requests api
  • add specs for the pull reqeust review comments api
  • change method signatures inside pull request api to be more concise
  • add new generic error class
  • add GitHub service specific error types
  • change response raising error to use new error types and increased encapsulation of http header information
  • fix breakage across api classes and test suite

0.4.4 (February 9, 2012)

  • factor out request validation into its own module
  • factor out request filtering inside its own module
  • add factory for creating main api submodules
  • add specs for gists comments api
  • expand filtering to allow for toggling recursive behaviour

0.4.3 (February 4, 2012)

  • add api extension allowing to list a given api actions(methods)
  • add api methods deprecation module
  • add specs for gists and modify unstar method signature
  • change gists starred? method to return boolean
  • add gists, error codes feature tests
  • change api client setting to work on per api class initialization to scope variables such as per_page per api instance, added specs
  • fix issue with pagination helper for iterating over response set
  • change test coverage reporting to split results for rspec and cucumber

0.4.2 (January 22, 2012)

  • fix pagination iterator to work with 'commits' method for Github::Repos api
  • fix bug with pagination returned collection set
  • add cukes to test pagination
  • extend response set with new helper methods such as etag, server
  • fix bug with pagination params for 'watched' method for Github::Repos api

0.4.1 (January 18, 2012)

  • fix bug with default settings for paginated items in result set
  • added api rest methods listing
  • updated specs for main api

0.4.0 (January 14, 2012)

  • add helper methods for clearing api keys
  • add constants module to preserver memory and improve GC
  • add http header links parsing class utility
  • add pagination iterator class for internal link traversal
  • add new result set methods for retrieving pages including each_page method
  • add specific request module for handling page related parameters
  • extend filter_params to accept json_callback and page parameters
  • change readme to new format and add pagination information among other things

0.3.9 (January 3, 2012)

  • add specs for git data tags, references and commits apis
  • fix bugs with parameter passing inside git data api
  • comment out and remove dead code from main api
  • removed duplication from specs setup

0.3.8 (January 1, 2012)

  • add specs for git data blobs and trees apis
  • refactored parameter filtering fuction to fix tree_create bug

0.3.7 (January 1, 2012)

  • add block parameter passing for main github instance
  • refactor methods inside issues labels api
  • add specs to cover issues labels api

0.3.6 (December 26, 2011)

  • refactor specs setup to common base class
  • add specs for issues events and comments apis
  • fix bug with gem loading lib folder

0.3.5 (December 18, 2011)

  • adding specs for issues milestones api
  • updating specs to check for constants existence
  • fixing problems with some request missing passed parameters

0.3.4 (December 17, 2011)

  • adding coverage reporting
  • adding specs to authorization module to increase coverage to 100%
  • adding specs to issues api to fix create issues bug and increase code coverage

0.3.3 (December 4, 2011)

  • fixing json parsing issue preventing repository creation