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== 1.5.1 2008-12-29
* Return #write_manifest which was accidently removed
* Moved website into gh-pages branch; thus moving homepage from ->
== 1.5.0 2008-12-27
* Preparation for integration back into Rails
* --git/-g option for generated files to be added via git commands
* after_generate hook for generators (used as rails' templates mechanism)
* bumped activesupport requirement to 2.2.2
* upgraded internal files to support latest newgem (removed config/ folder, moved config to Rakefile)
* support for RAILS_ROOT as a destination root
* removed references to Merb which now has its own generator system; can access any merb
generators via `rubigen` helper app
* can be changed to a RubiGen::Base subclass that will be used
for lookups (e.g. = Rails::Generator::Base)
== 1.4.0 2008-12-11
* rubigen tests now pass against ruby 1.9.0 and ruby 1.9.1(prerelease 2)
* puts are sent to an explicit #stdout which can be STDOUT or a StringIO passed from tests; test output is now clean!
== 1.3.4 2008-11-12
* ruby_app: fixed reference to non-existent version.rb [jperkins]
== 1.3.3 2008-10-21
* prepend_sources correctly places arguments at start of sources list
* removed lib/rubigen/version.rb; RubiGen::VERSION is in lib/rubigen.rb now; there is no RubiGen::VERSION::STRING
== 1.3.2 2008-05-19
* app_gen/bin - includes #!/usr/bin/env ruby
* added examples of file_copy_each and template_copy_each to generators
== 1.3.1 2008-04-25
* Fixed the require statements in generated tests for rails/merb generators
* Rails::Generator::Base is a valid generator superclass
* Rails generators have alternate template (based on standard NamedBase)
* test helpers define RAILS_ROOT for rails generators
== 1.3.0 2008-04-25
* component_generator: specific subclasses for rails + merb generators,
not the generic RubiGen::Base
== 1.2.3 2008-02-22
* Remove -wKU flags from install_rubigen_scripts + ruby_app apps
== 1.2.2 2008-02-20
* Removing one File.expand_path
== 1.2.1 2008-02-19
* Fixed rake post_news/email output bug ("\\n\\n")
* removed bad \" from generator banner strings
* destination_path/root have File.expand_path applied to them to ensure
base_name gives useful term
* generate/destroy set APP_ROOT with expand_path too
== 1.2.0 2008-02-14
* application_generator's bin now looks for generator within local source, not
within an install gem - so the bin/foo can be run in development without
requiring installation.
* New collision option *i* - ignore all collisions; works like *a* which forces
all collisions to overwrite existing files; i skips all collisions.
* Supported test scope for install_rubigen_scripts: javascript_test
== 1.1.1 2007-11-08
* active_support is now a dependency of this gem on install (it was being used
but wasn't a dependency)
== 1.1.0 2007-11-05
* Promoted 'application_generator' and 'component_generator' to Rubigen
from NewGem project (they are available even if newgem not installed)
* install_rubigen_scripts default test fixed by mapping scopes to strings
* version.js uploaded to website
== 1.0.8 2007-11-03
* install_rubigen_scripts adds 'test_unit' to scopes unless a test-related scope is added
* remove examples directory because it's redundant. See rails gem. [Winston Tsang]
* Add missing template empty_log. [Winston Tsang]
* Moved test_unit generator to test_unit scope (instead of global scope)
* generator_full_paths now returns the sources in reverse order [thx hassox]
== 1.0.7 2007-11-02
* Moved test_unit generator to test_unit scope (instead of global scope)
== 1.0.6 2007-10-18
* Templates can end with .erb (e.g. model.rb.erb) and template_copy_each will remove the .erb extension (create model.rb)
== 1.0.5 2007-10-08
* Added Jeremy Kemper to license/copyright/gem author list.
== 1.0.4 2007-09-07
* New manifest actions:
* m.folder - copies over all files in folder into target path
* helper run_generator returns generator instance (so you can assert instance variables/methods etc)
* base_name method for generators - returns basename of destination_root, unless its trunk/tags/branches
== 1.0.3 2007-08-22
* /generators folder is automatically picked up by all component/app generators [bug fix]
== 1.0.2 2007-08-22
* Renamed rubigen_install_script -> install_rubigen_script
* install_rubigen_script is now a component generator so can be reused by other generators to create script/generate
* Added "Thanks to Jeremy Kemper" into website
* Cleaned up USAGE for test_unit
* If a generator does not have a USAGE file, then it is invisible from lists of available generators.
This will be the mechanism for having hidden generators (e.g. install_rubigen_scripts)
== 1.0.1 2007-08-20
* Moved builtin generators into root folders, away from lib folder, to protected them
from ri/rdocs processes (which didn't like ERb <%= %> inside Ruby files)
* New app: rubigen_install_script
* adds script/generate and script/destroy to current folder
== 1.0.0 2007-08-17
* 1 major enhancement:
* Initial release
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