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rynr commented Apr 14, 2012

Hi drnic.

I'm not sure, if i understood the classes correctly.
I added a run-method to RubiGen::Commands::Create that starts a system call with the given parameter.
I'd add some tests, but currently don't get the tests running, i get:
undefined method write_inheritable_attribute' for RubiGen::Base:Class /home/rjung/Projects/rubigen/lib/rubigen/options.rb:31:indefault_options'

I think, this'd be a good idea, for example to run git or svn checkins (that's, what i intend to use it for, there are probably other possibillities).


@rynr rynr Added run-Task for a system command.
I'd add some tests, but currently don't get the tests running.

mnoack commented Apr 16, 2012

write_inheritable_attribute was deprecated ActiveSupport 3.2 and so RubiGen currently uses the older ActiveSupport version (see 3d25bd5)

Ensure you're using the latest version of rubigen and that should solve that error.

I am trying to get ActiveSupport 3.2+ support (see #12) but I really need some expert help to comment on the changes I've made.

rynr commented Apr 16, 2012

Ok, so I can run bundle exec rake (rjung/rubigen@35660494171a24de700bde1de47c1d7a1a72bbd0).
Ok, i'll write some tests.


P.S.: How about putting require 'bundler/setup' in the Rakefile.

Rainer Jung Added bundler/setup to Rakefile
Now, `rake` can be called without `bundle exec`

rynr closed this Aug 6, 2015

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