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Commits on Mar 8, 2008
  1. This is a merge from the git repository hosted by Dr. Nic

    kevin committed
    == 1.90.0 2008-03-08
    * Major Upgrade to Rails 2.0 - Initial release
    * Ruby on Rails bundle maintenance has been taken over by Dr Nic Williams from its initial legendary creator Duane Johnson.
    * Added so far:
      * Snippets/Commands for:
        * Tests
          * assert_select (ass)
          * assert_difference/assert_no_difference (asd/asnd)
          * GET+POST test method stubs (deftg+deftp)
          * posts(:) + Alt+Esc allows you to select a posts.yml fixture
        * Controllers
          * respond_to (rest) and respond_to(html) (Shift+Cmd+H)
          * 'Go To View' within a respond_to will use the format/wants type as the default
          * REMOVED: render_component snippets
          * loggers - pass a block instead of raw string to save time if
            logging not used (e.g. production) [Stephen Touset]
          * redirect_to for resource paths (rep, repp, renp, renpp)
          * render :update (ru) [Simon Jefford]
        * Views
          * form_for and form_for(with errors) (ff,ffe)
          * Various form_for helpers in a drop-down list, e.g. f.text_field (f.)
          * Various form_for helpers with own tab completion, e.g. f.text_field (fftf)
          * link_to for resource paths (lip, lipp, linp, linpp)
          * <% end -%> (end)
          * for-loop (for)
          * link_to(, @model) (ltm)
        * Layouts
          * javascript_include_tag - jit
          * stylesheet_link_tag - slt
        * Models
          * has_many :though (hmt)
          * association snippets give better defaults (e.g. bt + hm)
          * validates_format_of (vf,vfif) [Dean Strelau]
          * validates_numericality_of (vn,vnif) [Tom Morris]
          * before/after callbacks (prefix bef/aft + 1st letter of words) [Sam Granieri]
        * Migrations
          * Sexy Migrations now available as "t." snippets and regular snippets [Lawrence Pit]
          * Migration classes have own textmate scope
          * Add/Remove Columns - the 'down' statements are in reverse
            order [Lawrence Pit, Daniel Kristensen]
          * Added 'Redo Last Migration' [Simon Jefford]
        * Functional Tests
          * assert_redirect_to for resource paths (artp, artpp, artnp, artnpp)
          * assert(assigns(:model)) (asg)
        * Routes
          * named routes, resources snippets (map, mapr, maprs)
          * catch_all (mapca) [Sam Granieri]
        * Active Support
          * cattr_accessor/mattr_accessor (crw/mrw) [Jacob Swanner]
          * returning (returning) [Jacob Swanner]
      * Language/Syntax
        * New keywords: rescue_from, alias_method_chain, alias_attribute, delegate, respond_to [David Lowenfels, Jacob Swanner]
        * Added rb as a valid Rails file type [James Deville]
      * Commands
        * Auto-completion for Foxy Fixtures
        * html.erb is the default for new templates (backwards compatibility
          is being worked on too)
        * 'Go To XXX' - available for wide range of permutations.
          Fixtures -> Models; Models -> Controllers, etc
        * haml is a valid file extension [Steve Ross]
        * specify alternate default file extensions for: [Steve Ross]
          * javascript - ENV['RAILS_JS_EXT']
          * stylesheet - ENV['RAILS_CSS_EXT']
          * view - ENV['RAILS_VIEW_EXT']
        * 'Call Generate Script' now accesses all a project's generators
      * Plugins
        * Footnote
          * footnote-edge uses .erb for templates [Stephen Bannasch]
      * Internals
        * Rakefile - test runner [Steve Ross]
        * Added generator_test
        * Removed unnecessary misc_test
        * script/clean_bundle_file_names - rename non-os-agnostic file names [Charles Roper]
      * Haml support [Lawrence Pit]
    For thoughts and patches, email
    git-svn-id: dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
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