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Commits on Apr 3, 2009
Commits on Mar 19, 2009
  1. bumped website to 2.3.0

Commits on Feb 12, 2009
  1. updated google group url

Commits on Mar 8, 2008
  1. This is a merge from the git repository hosted by Dr. Nic

    kevin committed
    == 1.90.0 2008-03-08
    * Major Upgrade to Rails 2.0 - Initial release
    * Ruby on Rails bundle maintenance has been taken over by Dr Nic Williams from its initial legendary creator Duane Johnson.
    * Added so far:
      * Snippets/Commands for:
        * Tests
          * assert_select (ass)
          * assert_difference/assert_no_difference (asd/asnd)
          * GET+POST test method stubs (deftg+deftp)
          * posts(:) + Alt+Esc allows you to select a posts.yml fixture
        * Controllers
          * respond_to (rest) and respond_to(html) (Shift+Cmd+H)
          * 'Go To View' within a respond_to will use the format/wants type as the default
          * REMOVED: render_component snippets
          * loggers - pass a block instead of raw string to save time if
            logging not used (e.g. production) [Stephen Touset]
          * redirect_to for resource paths (rep, repp, renp, renpp)
          * render :update (ru) [Simon Jefford]
        * Views
          * form_for and form_for(with errors) (ff,ffe)
          * Various form_for helpers in a drop-down list, e.g. f.text_field (f.)
          * Various form_for helpers with own tab completion, e.g. f.text_field (fftf)
          * link_to for resource paths (lip, lipp, linp, linpp)
          * <% end -%> (end)
          * for-loop (for)
          * link_to(, @model) (ltm)
        * Layouts
          * javascript_include_tag - jit
          * stylesheet_link_tag - slt
        * Models
          * has_many :though (hmt)
          * association snippets give better defaults (e.g. bt + hm)
          * validates_format_of (vf,vfif) [Dean Strelau]
          * validates_numericality_of (vn,vnif) [Tom Morris]
          * before/after callbacks (prefix bef/aft + 1st letter of words) [Sam Granieri]
        * Migrations
          * Sexy Migrations now available as "t." snippets and regular snippets [Lawrence Pit]
          * Migration classes have own textmate scope
          * Add/Remove Columns - the 'down' statements are in reverse
            order [Lawrence Pit, Daniel Kristensen]
          * Added 'Redo Last Migration' [Simon Jefford]
        * Functional Tests
          * assert_redirect_to for resource paths (artp, artpp, artnp, artnpp)
          * assert(assigns(:model)) (asg)
        * Routes
          * named routes, resources snippets (map, mapr, maprs)
          * catch_all (mapca) [Sam Granieri]
        * Active Support
          * cattr_accessor/mattr_accessor (crw/mrw) [Jacob Swanner]
          * returning (returning) [Jacob Swanner]
      * Language/Syntax
        * New keywords: rescue_from, alias_method_chain, alias_attribute, delegate, respond_to [David Lowenfels, Jacob Swanner]
        * Added rb as a valid Rails file type [James Deville]
      * Commands
        * Auto-completion for Foxy Fixtures
        * html.erb is the default for new templates (backwards compatibility
          is being worked on too)
        * 'Go To XXX' - available for wide range of permutations.
          Fixtures -> Models; Models -> Controllers, etc
        * haml is a valid file extension [Steve Ross]
        * specify alternate default file extensions for: [Steve Ross]
          * javascript - ENV['RAILS_JS_EXT']
          * stylesheet - ENV['RAILS_CSS_EXT']
          * view - ENV['RAILS_VIEW_EXT']
        * 'Call Generate Script' now accesses all a project's generators
      * Plugins
        * Footnote
          * footnote-edge uses .erb for templates [Stephen Bannasch]
      * Internals
        * Rakefile - test runner [Steve Ross]
        * Added generator_test
        * Removed unnecessary misc_test
        * script/clean_bundle_file_names - rename non-os-agnostic file names [Charles Roper]
      * Haml support [Lawrence Pit]
    For thoughts and patches, email
    git-svn-id: dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
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