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Transmission DroboApp build scripts
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This is a set of scripts to package a DroboApp from scratch, i.e., download sources, unpackage, compile, install, and package in a TGZ file. The master branch contains the Drobo5N version, the drobofs branch contains the DroboFS version.

I just want to install the DroboApp, what do I do?

Check the releases page. If there are no releases available, then you have to compile.

How to compile

First make sure that you have a working cross-compiling VM.

Log in the VM, pick a temporary folder (e.g., ~/build), and then do:

git clone
cd transmission
ls -la *.tgz

Each invocation creates a log file with all the generated output.

  • ./ distclean removes everything, including downloaded files.
  • ./ clean removes everything but downloaded files.
  • ./ package repackages the DroboApp, without recompiling.



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